This one of a kind blocks at Cobble stones is situated directly in front of the left hander, which is one of the more famous spots at Lakey Peak.

Boasting 60 m of beach front with a land size of 3,700m2, this property has a lot of development potential.

Only 2 km from Lakey Peak, this spot provides privacy and quiet, without being too far from the action.

The Wave:

Cobblestones likes a smaller to medium size swell and maxes out at about five foot.

Outside it’s a pretty easy “roll in” take off, with a decent walling section that backdoors the inside bowl. You can get quite a nice barrel on the inside, but beware it’s a rock shelf that is pretty shallow, hence the throwing pit.

Across the bay there is a horse shoe shaped right hander, best around 3 foot. It’s a fun wave but not quite as good as the left hander.

Price: USD$130,000
Size: 3,700m2
Beachfront: 60m
Beach Type: Cobblestones
Orientation: West facing for great sunsets.

Also possible to buy half the property


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