Lakey Peak Real Estate specializes in property acquisition in Lakey Peak and the surrounding areas. Our operational team is from Lakey Peak and has the “ear to the street” connections that only a local could posses.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find the very best deal for our buyers, providing a win-win scenario for everyone involved.


We are the ONLY reputable real estate agency working in Lakey Peak.


We operate with integrity and grace applied to all our affairs, knowing that our reputation is the best marketing strategy we have.


Bali, with its world famous status and its non stop development , has become less affordable over the last 5-10 years to the point that people are simply looking for the “next Bali”. In fact some of Bali’s property prices are on par or more expensive than notoriously expensive NYC, London and Sydney property!


Shrewd investors are already “heading for the hills”, or rather the outer islands in this case , and we have seen a growing interest over the past five years in places like Lombok, Gilis, Labuan Bajo , Sumba and Sumbawa.


While each of these areas have their own special attributes, only Lakey Peak can boast multiple world class waves in a short strip of beach.


Most people dream of one day, being able to own their own slice of paradise on the beach; now they can by owning Lakey Peak property.


We provide a one stop shopping solution for property buyer and sellers for Lakey Peak and Surrounding areas. After several successful transactions we would like to look at diversifying into development of accommodations , tours and services for visitors to Lakey Peak.