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What You Should Know Before You Buy Any Property In Sumbawa

Why invest in Lakey Peak Sumbawa?


Prices in key spots have seen substantial growth over the past 3 years with up to 100%+ growth p.a.(feel free to contact us for full detailed report)


There is a new road under construction which connects Airport and Lakey Peak which will reduce traveling time by 30min…consequently when it will be finished, property prices is the area will rise…


Development has been slow up until a few years ago, but now more and more foreigners are investing and building in the area. All sorts of people from places like France, Australia, Austria ,New Zealand and Spain realized that Lakey Peak is a hidden gem and are building their dream getaway house is their ‘dream come true’.


Lakey Peak is home to 7 world class waves such as Lakey Peak , Periscopes and Nungas , similar to the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii. (if you are a surfer this just might be the ONLY reason you want to invest in Lakey Peak!!)


Surf tourism in Lakey Peak has been kept closely guarded secret which continued for over 25 years and is expanding


Lots of empty surf spots just waiting to be discovered, so you can have solo sessions, or surf with just you and a few select mates out there.


Rip Curl holds yearly GromSarch competition at Lakey Peak


Abundance of fish for game fishing and spear fishing, boating and exploring unseen isolated areas.


You can take advantage of the perceived isolation of Lakey Peak where you can buy land 10 to 100 times cheaper than its equivalent in Bali.


Beach front property is a must, but what if you could buy that beachfront land with views of a world class wave from your balcony? And catch those very same waves on daily basis?


The area has stunning unspoiled natural Beauty, so almost everywhere you point your camera is like a post card.


It takes the same time to get to Lakey Peak from Bali as it does to go to the ‘Gilis’ – Gili Islands!! It’s a short 1h flight…

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“We are very happy with our slice of paradise….

Could not have done it with out you.”  

– Sam P. , Australia


About Us

Lakey Peak Real Estate specializes in property acquisition in Lakey Peak and the surrounding areas.

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Team from Lakey Peak

 Our operational team is from Lakey Peak and has the “ear to the street” connections that only a local could posses.

Very Best Deal

We pride ourselves on our ability to find the very best deal for our buyers, providing a win-win scenario for everyone involved. We are the ONLY reputable real estate agency working in Lakey Peak.

Integrity & Grace

We operate with integrity and grace applied to all our affairs, knowing that our reputation is the best marketing strategy we have.

One-stop-shop Solutions

We provide a one stop shopping solution for property buyer and sellers for Lakey Peak and Surrounding areas. After several successful transactions we would like to look at diversifying into development of accommodations , tours and services for visitors to Lakey Peak.


Property Listings

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  • Have just bought 1000 sqm beach front land at Lakey Pipe, Sumbawa… thank you LPRE for making the process so easy.. cannot wait to get over there in July 2015

    Sandra N, Australia
  • I have got my dream land at Periscopes through the team at LPRE. They had clear answers to my questions and addressed all my concerns regarding buying property in Indonesia. I could not have done it without them. In addition I have already tripled my money looking at the current market value!!!!!

    Bernardo, Brazil
  • Can’t believe I finally own land in Indo…and it’s all thanks to Dona and Sumbawa Property Group. Couldn’t have asked for a better buying experience…clear, straightforward and thorough. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone wanting to buy land here in Sumbawa.

    Elle M, Australia
  • We were the first people to buy into THE STONES subdivision. Getting in early , LPRE gave us a discount on the price per SQM and with that we were able to customize our block size and buy more land than we initially thought that we could afford.
    Now we have 20m of beachfront just down the road from Lakey Pipe and couldn’t be happier. Now time to start saving to build our dream beach pad!! Yeeeeeew!

  • We found out about the awesome opportunity through a friend that had already bought land there. Once we checked the location and met up with the guys from LPRE the process was quite swift and we had all the documents express posted to us within 3 months.
    Now we are planning to make an amazing get away holiday house , that we also plan on renting out when we are not there. Cant wait!

    Markus K, Austria
  • I met Dona while I was kite surfing in Sumbawa and he showed me all the different options for buying property down there. I never planned on investing in Sumbawa , but after seeing how beautiful and cheap the place is it really was a no brainer. I am glad I did though, cause I have 1,600m of prime beach front that has since doubled in price . Really happy!!

    Andy O, Austria
  • Cheers again Dona and the team. We are very happy with our slice of paradise. I highly recommend SPG, their knowledge and experience with foreign land ownership in Indonesia was pure gold. Could not have done it with out you.

    Sam P, Australia


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